Many Alternative Investments Have Proven They Build Wealth

For most investors, their primary objective is to get a return on investment with the least amount of risk and stress involved. Over the last ten years, the repeated uncertainty in economic markets has led to lower returns across many asset classes. Traditional equity investments, such as bank deposits and bonds, have fallen to record lows, prompting investors to use alternative investing strategies like crowd-fund investing, commodities, private equity, collectibles, etc.; to build their portfolio and personal wealth.

Alternative investments such as crowd-fund investing can be a significant source of liquidity for small cap investments. In places like Australia and many parts of Europe, including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, crowd-fund investing has been incredibly successful. The models applied to this investment strategy range from equity to quasi-equity and subordinated loans, sometimes accompanied by the addition of equity. In most instances, these types of investments provide an ongoing cash incentive to investors, while also providing a longer term potential. Not to be forgotten, there are many other forms of alternative investments, such as hard assets; that have proven to deliver consistently better returns in today's uncertain economy. Among the many benefits of hard assets, these investments have an intrinsic value and (in most instances) offer investors a low-risk investment, with long-term capital growth.

Despite the higher than normal volatility, especially for shares exposed to growth markets, there are alternative investments that are producing steady returns for investors; quarter after quarter. Moreover, for investors with an income requirement, who are content to allow market cycles to pass but prefer lower volatility, income producing assets are one of the best available options; particularly in today's risky global markets. Time and again, these alternative investments have proven that they can provide investors with less risk and more returns over the long-run.