Add These 2 Tips To Your Alternative Investment Tips For 2014

With gold set to close at its lowest level since 2000 and the stock market's volatility causing ongoing concern for international investors, 2014 will certainly be the year that the investment community rethinks their traditional investing strategies and reconsiders their position on investing in alternatives. Although for years many investors have been apprehensive about including nontraditional holdings in their investment portfolio, the uncertainty and under-performance of traditional investments that characterized much of 2013, will be a strong motivator for the investment community in 2014.

Tip 1: Look For Alternatives to Gold Investments

Perhaps one of the most challenging things for many investors to accept is that gold is not likely to return to its days of glory, when values rose to $1800+ in 2011. The current economic conditions, although tumultuous, are not synonymous with the right environment for gold to skyrocket; and will not be for the foreseeable future. Instead of gambling on economic woes, investors would be wise to review their investing alternatives and consider the advantages of investing in shipping containers and other hard assets, that have delivered strong performances and great returns for investors; in 2013. Albeit gold is likely to remain a small part most investment portfolios, its role will diminish along with its appeal, as investors seek other alternatives to the precious metal.

Tip 2: Look For Alternatives to Stock Investments

The trouble with the stock market anywhere is that it is heavily influenced by political, corporate and economic conditions, which for the most part, investors are helpless to control. Whether it be political remarks that start a war or corporate comments that spark a scandal, the investment community is at the mercy of politicians and corporate officers. After the industry's indiscretions were exposed post-2008, investors are demanding transparency and more control over their investment decisions. This is leading most investment-seekers away from equities and toward investing alternatives.

There are those who believe that the stock market in the United States is in need of a correction. Many say that leading stocks are overvalued and that prices need to fall, much like gold has, to a figure that is more inline with what is practical. Regrettably there are going to be unfortunate investors who will be unprepared and suffer unexpected losses, when the correct values are realized. On the other hand there will be members of the investment community who had foreseen the impending doom and eliminated the unnecessary risk, by reducing their stock holdings and replacing them with alternative investments that invest in global trade and profit from economic growth.