Pacific Tycoon Offers A Unique Alternative Investment Strategy

Prior to becoming available to the public, an investment in shipping containers was reserved for the affluent and wealthy. Pacific Tycoon has contributed significantly to the accessibility to this alternative investment strategy, providing a service where regular investors can own, lease and rent shipping containers, in return for a healthy profit. Pacific Tycoon is a Hong Kong-based company that specialises in high yield container leasing, which has become an emerging industry that is demand led and dictated by the global economy and international trade. As a result, given the recovering global economy and steadily increasing international trade volumes, investing in shipping containers with Pacific Tycoon provides you with an incredibly unique opportunity that many have already done before you.

The container shipping industry is an emerging area of interest for many investors to invest their capital in as the industry is consistently growing since the financial crash of 2008-2009. Since then, there has been a steady increase in demand for shipping containers worldwide, giving investors a unique chance to capitalize on this strategy. Almost 90 percent of all international trade is conducted through shipping containers and there are the least risks involved as compared to other investment strategies which have high rates of return (RoR) but have massive risks associated with them. Investing in shipping containers provides a steady RoR with minimized risk. Pacific Tycoon have built their brand and company on this very foundation and intends to provide investors with a risk-free and steady return on their investment.

Now, let's get to the details about what Pacific Tycoon offers potential investors. Pacific Tycoon offers a container leasing investment strategy which provides a guaranteed return on your initial capital of up to a modest 12%. What happens next is Pacific Tycoon leases containers owned by individuals and rents them to container shipping industry leaders, therefore when the container owner has purchased one or more containers, he/she enables Pacific Tycoon to rent them out to awaiting cargo transporters, providing him/her with a return from the net rental income. This process may seem complicated but really is very simple. With an initial investment of just $4100 USD, your investment provides you with one container that Pacific Tycoon leases out to thousands of awaiting international businesses, enabling the transport of their goods across the world. Remember, 90% of world trade is moving in shipping containers, therefore the demand is almost always positively correlated with the current global shipping industry.

Pacific Tycoon offers two primary investment options.
  1. The first option is a 12% Guaranteed Lease. With this option, Pacific Tycoon leases containers and rents them out to the shipping Industry under long term contracts that provide a guaranteed income equal to 12% of the container purchase price. In addition, because these contracts are longstanding and secured, Pacific Tycoon will specifically provide you with guaranteed security on your container lease returns.
  2. The second investment option is a Maximised Rental Agreement. With this option, Pacific Tycoon rents the containers to cargo transporters in urgent need of them to honor their transportation contracts. Due to massive demand, restricted supply and the absolute necessity to deliver the cargos, these rental contracts produce much greater income. Under these contracts, the returns are not guaranteed yet have always delivered higher returns than the guaranteed lease.
All in all, Pacific Tycoon allows anyone to invest in shipping containers and provides two primary investment options that either guarantee a steady return or takes a small risk to make a larger return. Either way, both strategies have been proven successful and Pacific Tycoon is on their way to becoming an industry-leader in the container shipping industry.