Prospering Global Trade Offers an Attractive Investing Option

Investing in cargo containers is not the only opportunity to invest in global trade. In fact, there are many ways to invest in the world's economic growth.

Investors today have several options when considering where to invest; Stock markets, day-trading, mutual funds, real estate and a host of other appealing investment options exist that can temp an investor to try something new. Often times investors will look outside of their mainstream portfolio for investments that are both sound and profitable. One of the most interesting new investment opportunities is to invest in global trade itself.  That is - to be a part of the growth of the entire world market by investing in things that are part of the import and export of consumer goods.

While a lot of global trade these days happens online or in digital form, there is still a large need to invest in infrastructure and shipping systems so that the entire world can trade goods on a global scale. An interesting option for investing in the shipping industry is to make an investment directly into cargo containers, which are a major part of almost all globally traded goods. Consider this: for something to be transported from China, or East Asia, or South America into the North American or European markets, it was (most likely) shipped overseas on a container ship transporting thousands of cargo containers. This trade dependence presents an opportunity for investors to buy and lease out shipping containers to people and companies looking to access the global markets. Taking this approach, investors simply purchase their cargo containers and a container leasing broker handles all of the logistics associated with managing the investor's fleet. As the container owner, you simply collect monthly dividends on the usage of your container, while international companies pay the leasing company to rent your asset.

Albeit an increasingly popular approach, investing in shipping containers is among the alternative investments available to investors, it is not the only way investors can invest in global economic growth. In fact, there are several different ways to access these prospering markets through Exchange Traded Funds, by investing in green energy projects and/or short-term loans to businesses in developing nations and emerging markets.